December 2018

Updated Chapters
Chapter Title Details
Providing Personalised Care This guidance has been updated to include information on the role of residential care workers in supporting young people who are experiencing gender identity issues (see Section 3.2 Gender)
Case Recording A note has been added into Section 17 Records should usually be Retained After Closure, to remind all staff no children’s social care records should be destroyed while the National Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse is on-going.
Advocacy and Independent Visitors This guidance has been updated to include a link to the Children’s Society publication ‘Advocacy Services for Children and Young People – A Guide for Commissioners’. This guide outlines the legislative requirements placed on local authorities in relation to the provision of advocacy support for Children in Need and Children Looked After.
Sexual Health and Relationships Section 3, Pornography has been updated to include advice for staff on how to deal with issues relating to young people’s access to pornography online.
Allegations Against Staff and Volunteers This guidance has been reviewed throughout and updated as required.
New Chapters
Chapter Title Details
Protocol between Bradford Police, Youth Offending Team and Children's Social Care Regarding Incidents in Residential Homes for Children Looked After which may Result in Police Intervention and Action This protocol, which is part of an overall strategy to reduce the level of recorded offences by children living in residential units, has been revised throughout. It has been signed by senior officers in the Police, Youth Offending Team and Children’s Social Care.

Next update: July 2018


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