July 2018

Updated Chapters
Chapter Title Details
Health Care Assessments and Plans Section 1, Health Care Assessments has been updated to include additional information on situations when children and young people can provide their own consent to health care assessments and treatment.
Smoking and Alcohol A new section containing guidance and information on the use of E-cigarettes / vapes has been added.
Referring Safeguarding Concerns This procedure has been reviewed and updated throughout to reflect current Government guidance on safeguarding children, and emphasises that keeping children safe and promoting their welfare is a responsibility of all staff working in the home, not just managers and key workers.
Identifying and Supporting Children and Young People Vulnerable to Violent Extremism including Radicalisation Section 1, Introduction / Definitions has been updated to include additional information for staff on what is meant by the term extremism; an explanation of the processes by which young people can be exposed to the messages of extremist groups has also been added.
Self Harm and Suicidal Behaviour Section 2, Planning and Prevention has been updated to provide additional guidance for staff on how to respond to young people in our care who are feeling suicidal or who are self harming. A note has also been added on the importance of offering appropriate support to staff members and other young people living in the home when incidents of self harm have taken place.
Visitors to the Home This guidance has been reviewed throughout and refreshed as required.
Child Looked After Reviews This guidance has been reviewed throughout and updated to include additional detail on the circumstances in which Independent Reviewing Officers (IROs) should look to bring forward a child’s Looked After Review. See Section 2, Frequency of Child Looked After Reviews for full details.
Preparation for Leaving Care This guidance has been updated throughout to reflect the publication of the DfE Corporate Parenting Principles for Looked After Children and Care Leavers and the introduction of the Local Offer for Care Leavers.

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